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Plekhanova Elena Alexandrovna, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, head of sub-department of economics, Saransk Cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of Cooperation (17 Transportnaya street, Saransk, Russia), plehanova1975@rambler.ru
Volodin Victor Mihailovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of economics and management, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 7volodin7@mail.ru
Volgina Irina Viktorovna, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, dean of the faculty of economics, Saransk Cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of Cooperation (17 Transportnaya street, Saransk, Russia), ivolgina@rucoop.ru

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Background. The article substantiates the need to optimize the diversified structure of the consumer cooperative system in the Republic of Mordovia and suggests ways to improve it, differentiated depending on the financial and economic situation of consumer societies, the efficiency of the use of economic resources in all areas of activities. The author’s approach to the study of the development of diversified activities of consumer cooperation organizations in the Republic of Mordovia is argued.
Materials and methods
. The research methodology included the system approach, the methods of generalization and comparison, analysis and synthesis, the method of groupings, methods of logistical analysis of theoretical and practical materials.
Results. The article analyzes the branch structure of the consumer cooperation system of the Mordovia Consumers Union in the Republic of Mordovia, substantiates the need for its optimization and suggests directions for its improvement, which is an urgent problem of ensuring progressive development of the national economy at the present stage. The peculiarity of this article is that it covers, first of all, theoretical and practical issues of the development of consumer cooperation in modern conditions. The article analyzes the contribution of consumer cooperation to the retail trade turnover formation in the region.
Conclusions. For the purpose of increasing the consumer cooperation competitiveness of the Mordovia Consumers Union of the Republic of Mordovia, it is necessary to improve its branch structure, including measures of state support.

Key words

consumer cooperation, branch structure, Mordovia Consumers Union, result, consumer society

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